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Dumpster Friends Forever Customs Show!

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Flyer for Dumpster Fire Friend Forever with the details

🚨NYC AREA FOLKS 🚨Very excited to announce this FRIDAY, October 22nd 6-9pm ET at My Plastic Heart  in Brooklyn, it's Dumpster Friends Forever! The first ever Dumpster Fire customs show.

This show was curated by grumpybert and it features an amazing lineup of artists, all contributing their unique spin on the original apocalypse toy, the Dumpster Fire. Over 30 pieces will be displayed and ready for purchase. Anything not sold at the show will go online for sale on Myplasticheart's website on Saturday, October 23rd at 2pm ET. 

Here's some previews!

Martin Gee Dumpster Fire Variant

piece by Martin Gee

Horrible Adorables Dumpster Fire Variant

piece by Horrible Adorables

We're also dropping this exclusive brand new Dumpster Fire toy, the Red Skull Trash edition at the show. 💀

Cast in blue translucent vinyl with a spoooooky red glow in the dark skull and flame.

Red Skull Trash Glow in the Dark edition Dumpster Fire variant pictured in regular light and glowing in low light

This is a super limited edition so if you want to pick one up, getting to the show is your best bet.

$35. Limited 1 per person. Any stock not sold at the show will go online Saturday the 23rd at 3pm ET on myplasticheart's website.

As if that wasn't enough, we'll also be doing some raffles, including TWO signed Golden Trash Dumpster Fires at the openingas well as the chance to win 1 of 25 super duper secret, exclusive Dumpsters when the show closes. What could it be? I'll give you a hint, it's also red.


Masks will be required and MPH will be staggering capacity. So mask up and come down!


MyPlasticHeart 40 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Artist List :
🔥Bwana Spoons @bananapoons
🔥ChrisRWK @chrisrwk
🔥DrilOne @drilone
🔥Elliot Cowan @elliotcowan
🔥EPSW @_epsw_
🔥Gabriel Dishaw @gabrieljunkart
🔥Grumble Toy @grumbletoy
🔥headexplodie @headexplodie
🔥Horrible Adorables @horrible_adorables
🔥Jason Forbes @the_jfo
🔥Jay Hollopeter @artworkagogo
🔥JCorp @jcorptm
🔥Jeremiah Ketner @smallandround
🔥Jonathan Lopes @jonathanlopesofficial
🔥KaijuSteven @kaijusteven
🔥Kevin Chan @heyitsmeu
🔥Klav @klav9
🔥Mark Wang @ouch_you_slouch
🔥Martin Gee @ohmgeez
🔥Nellie Le @heynelliele
🔥Nite Owl @naito_oru
🔥Playful Gorilla @playfulgorilla
🔥Prime @inprimewetrust
🔥Rampage Toys @jmrampage
🔥Sad Salesman @sad_salesman
🔥ShinYeon Moon @shinnyoni
🔥Taili Wu @tailiwu
🔥Thad Wilkes @teeewizzle
🔥TMO @tmoplater
🔥ZROPRO @zeroproductivity