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How to get Early Access with Discord Subscriptions!

100% Soft Server Subscriptions are here!

Discord recently launched a subscriber option where members can contribute monetarily to a server they love (similar to Patreon), so we thought we’d try it out! We chose to launch subscriptions in an effort to reward members of our Discord Community who want to directly support 100% Soft and give them some fun perks.

Just to be clear: This is an entirely optional feature of our Discord and if you choose to not participate, you will continue to enjoy the regular benefits of our server.

subscriber button


  1.  Make a Discord Account if you don't already have one. Follow Discord's
    Getting Started Guide
    if you need more help.
  2. Join 100% Soft's Discord:
  3. At the top of the cannels menu on the left hand side, select Server Subscriptions 
  4. Chose your subscription tier and start enjoying your new perks!



We have 3 different subscriber tiers, with each higher tier including the benefits of the previous tier.


Dumpster Diver status
  • Exclusive Emotes
  • Custom Server Role
  • Monthly 100% Soft Digital Wallpapers
  • Selective early access to product drops
  • 50 reward points on our webstore upon signing up

Access to:

  • #dumpster-diver-updates - subscriber update channel
  • #dumpster-divers - exclusive chat channel
  • #trucks-favorites - Head dipshit Truck Torrence shares his personal favorite things. Music, art, movies, toys, and anything that tickles Truck's fancy.

trash panda subscription tier
  • More Exclusive Emotes
  • Custom Server Role
  • 50 more rewards points on our webstore upon joining (total of 100)
Access to:
  • Tier 1 perks
  • #trash-panda-updates - subscriber update channel
  • #trash-pandas - exclusive chat channel
  • #AMA - exclusive channel for questions for head dipshit Truck
  • #exclusive-giveaways ~ 1/month. Frequent giveaways with signed products, unreleased/sold-out products, sketches, and more.


trash wizard subscription tier
  • Even More Exclusive Emotes
  • Custom Server Role
  • Exclusive discounts email list
  • Guaranteed priority access to 100% Soft releases
  • 100 more rewards points on our webstore upon joining (total of 200)
Access to:
  • Tier 1 and 2 perks
  • #Trash-Wizard-updates - subscriber update channel
  • #trash-wizards - exclusive chat channel
  • #trash-lab - Exclusive channel for sneak peeks into work-in-progress pieces, polling, share your thoughts on future designs, and more.


Boosting our server gives us access to many Discord-centric perks, but at a certain point, we max out how many server boosts actually benefit us, and then it just becomes about lining Discord’s pockets. So while we appreciate boosting the server, we thought we’d try and do something that would be more mutually beneficial for us as well as you.


A Booster and a Dumpster Diver get access to the same selective early access products. However, being a Dumpster Diver has the additional benefits of Monthly 100% Soft Digital Wallpapers, and access to exclusive channels.

That's totally fine! Nothing will change as far as normal Discord functions and activities.

Please DM 100softnews with your shop email upon signing up and points will be rewarded after 30 days.


Exclusive Giveaway Jail will last for three giveaways and will not be separate for 100% Soft vs Marvel. This means if you win a giveaway you will not be able to win the next three regardless of the prizes.

You will be able to sign up for an exclusive email newsletter that will grace your inbox with unique coupon codes and exclusive deals to save on future orders from

The world is a literal dumpster fire so we cannot make this a blanket guarantee for everything, but barring disaster, Trash Wizard subscribers can expect to have early access to purchase future drops.

We are not planning to limit the number of members in each tier.

We haven't worked out the exact schedule for the giveaways yet but we are planning on having at least one a month and they will be long enough to give as many people as possible the ability to enter.

We are planning on offering more previously sold-out items for giveaways in the #exclusive-giveaways channel you get access to by being a Trash Panda or above.

Discord takes a small % of subscriptions but we, at 100% Soft, get the rest. Boosting the server only benefits Discord.

No. Product limits are always applied per customer, not per order.